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Dorset Parish Churches E Cover Dorset Parish Churches (E) by F.P. Pitfield (Edited by J. Pitfield - 2017)
Following on from the A to D book of 1981, this is the first of a whole series of church books separated into smallish groups alphabetically, and this letter 'E' details ten parish churches across the county. They are A4 comb-bound volumes specifically intended for the collector of historical local history.
A4 - 40 pages - available - 12
Dorset Parish Churches E Cover Dorset Parish Churches (F) by F.P. Pitfield (Edited by J. Pitfield - 2017)
This second volume of this series details parish churches with initial letter 'F' and contains architectural details of 13 parishes. As with all this series, it is accompanied by engravings, photographs, rector lists,(often from the 13th or 14th centuries), and many original drawings.
A4 - 40 pages - available - 12
Dorset Parish Churches A-D Cover Dorset Parish Churches (A-D) by F.P. Pitfield - 1981
This first publication of Dorset churches covered the letters A to D, and has 89 churches with full architectural descriptions, plans and drawings for each. Leather-bound hard-back, there are just five copies left, plus two copies with slight damage during printing. Those two will be the last to be sold.
304x216x12mm - 232 pages - 5 available - 25
Purbeck Parish Churches Cover Purbeck Parish Churches by F.P. Pitfield - 1985
This regionally-emphasised edition of the collected parish church histories covers a total of 28 churches including the spectacular St Aldhelm's Chapel in the parish of Worth Matravers overlooking the sea. The book contains many detail drawings and full architectural descriptions, together with many original diagrams, pictures and engravings.
304x216x12mm - 112 pages - 25 available - 10
Hardy's Wessex Locations Hardy's Wessex Locations by F.P. Pitfield - 1992
This book has grown out of the inadequacies of other reference works - the Edwardian batch are of more interest for their historic content than the detailed light they throw on Hardy's work. Late twentieth century studies are more scholarly but none has devised a layout that is usable as a reference aid both for the reader at home and by enthusiasts driving around the settings Hardy utilised. This one does just that.
Fred Pitfield has found an abundance of previously overlooked Hardy locations, averaging one or two for each novel and short story, and even discovers that a title is wrong! Using his volumes of John Hutchins' County History of Dorset, Hardy based his title Master John Horseleigh, Knight on an error in that famous tome. Checking the original parish registers, Pitfield finds that the correct wording was Master John Horsey, the son of Sir John Horsey, Knight. Hardy changed "Horsey" to "Horseleigh" but this was his source.
255x177x13mm - 96 pages - 14 available - 10
Bere Regis Names Book Bere Regis Names by J. Pitfield - 2014
This book contains most of all the early village records for each surname in the parish and nearby surroundings - about 1,000 surnames. Histories on some names stretch from 1370 to 1939.
A4x14mm - 207 pages - 30 available - 20
Dorset Born Dorset Born by William Lucas - 1983
The story of a south Dorset village childhood in the years around the Great War.
211x148x5mm - 76 pages - 100 available - 5